Magnetic Cubby Drawers

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Magnetic Cubby Drawers WITHOUT Handles are now available for PRE-ORDER! 

We will begin shipping this variation on Monday, July 22nd.

Fits 2014 - 2024 Toyota 4Runners

These Drawers turn the empty spaces in the center console of the 4Runner into a close storage space. Our drawers are held in place with a magnetic mount using special N52 Grade Neodymium magnets with a pull force of 5.5lbs each embedded into the drawers to ensure they stay securely in place. The drawers were made with a high resolution 3D scan of the center console, done in-house, so it would have excellent fitment even around curved areas.

Unlike other drawers for the top cubby space, our Top drawer has 66% more volume thanks to its unique design that extends beyond the edge of the cubby.

The large top notch on both drawers also allows for wires to pass-through into the drawers for easy charging/access.

The drawer’s handles have a lip on top and recess underneath to allow for a more ergonomic feel when pulling out the drawers. 

The drawers are made of Carbon Fiber PETG which gives them not only a sleek matte finish which hides layer lines but also increases the rigidity and heat resistance of the drawers.

Each Magnetic Mount uses 2 embedded magnets linked together to not only help increase the range in which the drawers are “pulled” back into the cubbies, but also to compensate for any loss or magnetic strength during extreme heated conditions. Just added insurance for the worse case scenario as the magnets have an operating temperature of 80C (176F).

Installation only takes a few minutes as the drawers come Ready-To-Install.

There are many versions already available, but all of them use a “press-fit” design meaning their drawers are only held in place by the friction of the drawer against the panel. This often results in the drawers falling out while traveling over minor rough terrain like washboard trails or gravel roads, so the “press-fit” design isn’t suitable for more intense off-roading activities with steeper angles, higher speeds, and harder impacts. The vibrations over time also wear down the material on both the drawers & panel resulting in loosening fitment which inevitably causes the drawer to no longer stay securely in place.

Handle Options: WITH Handles
Combination: Set (Top & Bottom)