High Clearance Rocker End-Caps

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**Each order includes 2 End-Caps**

These rocker end-caps are designed specifically for the 5th generation Toyota 4Runner and are tailored to work with the OEM yellow clips (Toyota Part # 75395-04010). They are an ideal solution for 4Runner enthusiasts who want to fit larger tires without permanently altering their OEM rocker end-caps.

The end-caps are made of carbon fiber ASA, which is a durable material that is resistant to UV radiation and the elements. They are also reinforced throughout to ensure maximum durability, with some areas being five times thicker than the OEM end-caps. Despite the added durability, the end-caps are designed to be inconspicuous and maintain the original body lines of the rocker end-caps.

To install the end-caps, you will need the OEM yellow clips (Toyota Part # 75395-04010). The end-caps also have thick VHB adhesive strips pre-installed to ensure further stability.

The High Clearance Rocker End-Caps are available in 2 variants:


For those looking for the most clearance and don’t mind doing an aggressive fender trim. This end-cap was designed for fenders that have been or will be cut all the way back to the body line on said fenders. The body line mentioned is highlighted in RED & shown in the 5th photo. The highlighted red line follows the fender’s body line & shows how far back the fender will need to be cut in order for it to align with this version of my end-cap. This results in the complete removal of the front clip so this version only needs 1 yellow clip (Toyota Part # 75395-04010) per end-cap for installation rather than the original 2 per end-cap. This version is also printed with significantly thicker walls as well as denser infill, and I’ve further improved its manufacturing process based on what I’ve learned from producing the original end-caps so they are now tougher than before!

If you have or plan to go with 35 inch tires then this is the version I recommend as it provides plenty of clearance for off-road articulation to minimize the chances of rubbing even if you aren’t running an aggressive caster alignment or have a heavily negative offset wheel setup.


This is the original version of my high clearance end-cap which comes ready to install without requiring any cutting or trimming of the fender or stock end-caps. This version has proven reliable since its initial release back in October 2023, and is for those having rubbing issues with the OEM end-caps but desire a clean fix that looks as OEM as possible. The entire front & lower portion of the end-cap are removed to maximize clearance on my version, but the exterior remains the same as stock.

Please note that this version was NOT designed to be cut or trimmed as it will result in the infill being exposed & compromising the structural integrity of the whole end-cap if not properly re-sealed.

**Installation Note**

The end-caps have two openings for the OEM yellow clips (Toyota Part # 75395-04010), just like the original end-caps. While it is possible to secure an end-cap with only one clip, we recommend using both for optimal fit and security.

I also recommend replacing your stock yellow clips before installing the new end-caps as it is not uncommon for the clips to experience hairline cracks over time or during removals which will result in the end-cap popping off a lot more easily.

Vehicle Model: [STANDARD] 5th Gen 4Runner (2014+)

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In-House 3D Scanning

Using our in-house high-resolution 3D scan of the original Rocker End-Cap, we’ve meticulously recreated its design, ensuring our new end-caps fit perfectly and click securely into place.

VHB Adhesive

To counter potential instability from just two OEM clips, especially off-road, we’ve added three adhesive strips of VHB for enhanced grip and longevity.

Reinforced Durability

We’ve bolstered the base of the End-Cap to endure impacts from debris thrown by the tires, both off-road and on highways. Moreover, specific areas have been amplified in thickness by up to five times for heightened resilience.

OEM Clip Compatibility

Our end-caps are designed for seamless installation, utilizing the original yellow OEM clips, negating the need for extra hardware.

Carbon Fiber - Enhanced ASA

ASA, similar to ABS but with superior UV resistance, is ideal for outdoor items. The addition of carbon fiber ensures stability at high temperatures and provides a layer-concealing matte finish.